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Lupo LED fresnel luminaires for TV, video and photography

  • Exceptional colour rendering (High CRI & TLCI)
  • Absolutely silent
  • Built in dimmer with 0-100% control and DMX
  • Flicker free at 100% output tested at up to 12000 FPS
  • 3200k, 5600k or variable colour temperature options
  • Super lightweight, tough construction for studio, location or OB use
  • Mains power or V-mount battery
  • Pole operated or manual yoke options
  • Super efficient, low outlay, low running costs, fast ROI
Lupo lighting - Pole operated, mains or battery powered LED studio lights

Lupo DayLED 2000 Daylight balanced fresnel spotlight

Lupo DayLED 2000 Fresnel Light

The Lupo DayLed 2000 is the latest and most powerful of the Lupo DayLED range of fresnel lighting. It has a large 200mm fresnel lens (compared with 150mm lens on the DayLED 1000) and uses a 220W powerled to generate a luminous output equivalent to approximately 2000W.

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Lupo Dayled 1000 fresnel light

Lupo DayLED 1000 Fresnel Light

Revolutionary compact, lightweight LED lamp with a 150mm fresnel lens. The ‘1000′ has all the features you expect from a pro grade fixture including flood and spot control, a built in dimmer with full DMX capability, silent operation and high CRI as standard. Variations include pole operation, colour temperature options and a choice of power connectors.

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Lupo LED 650 fresnel spotlight

Lupo DayLED 650 Fresnel Light

The ‘650’ is a very compact, lightweight LED lamp with a tough carbon fibre reinforced polymer shell and a 120mm fresnel lens. The Lupo 650 has all the features and variant options of it’s bigger brother the 1000 in a more compact unit. The dimmer and power supply modules are on the outside of the shell for ease of maintenance/ access. The barn doors have built in clips for gels, Scattergels and frosts.

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Lupo SuperPanel Dual Colour LED Studio Panel Light

NEW Lupo SuperPanel


The Lupo Superpanel LED panel light is extremely light, compact, easy to handle and can be rigged anywhere. It can be battery or mains powered and the dual-colour versions have a continuously variable colour temperature from 3200k to 5600k. All models are supplied with the a luminous intensity level of around 22,000 LUX @ 1 metre. That is over 6 times the luminous intensity level of standard LED panels on the market today.

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Lupo Superlight - Fluorescent Lights

Lupo Fluorescent Lights – Starlight, Quadrilight, Superlight & Striplight

LUPO Fluorescent lights are a low energy, cool running diffused light available in 3200k or 5400k versions. They are lightweight and easy to transport with the Starlight weighing in at just 2.9 kg. Their surface silvered barn doors can be set to boost the light output and broaden the source.

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Lupo Lupoled Panel 1120 DMX Dual Colour

Lupo LED Panels – 560, 560 DMX, 1120 Dual Colour

LUPOLED panels are extremely light at just 1.3 kg. They are compact and easy to handle and can be rigged anywhere including on boom stands. They can be battery or mains powered and have a continuously variable colour temperature from 3200k to 5600k.

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Introducing Lupo Lighting

“You guys are quite honestly the very best customer service I have ever experienced, prompt, efficient, super helpful and friendly, an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

Barry Murphy

“Lupo DayLEDs are amazing and epitomise how far LED technology has come in recent years.”

Giles Christopher

“Overall, these Lupo LED luminaires perform extremely well and their scores run right up to 98. That’s the best score I’ve seen from any LED source. I’m impressed.”

Alan Roberts, January 2015

“I’ve purchased a few Lupo lights from your company. All of which are brilliant. The clients love it, colours are so consistent and none of the production team are melting in the heat. Everyone’s a winner.”

Alistair Richards, April 2014

Lupo DayLED Spectral Analysis

Spectral analysis of the Lupo LED lights